Nuclear Race for Charity

We recently assembled a team from management to tackle a 5k obstacle course with 30 gruelling obstacles. At the beginning of the month, I am proud to say that the team assembled participated in the race raising £1,500.00 for the Elifar Foundation in the process.

 I completed the race in 1.09hrs and was surprised to how much more difficult it was than expected. The obstacles that involved climbing were high, the swimming ones were deep and the lifting obstacles were heavy. However, the most difficult part of the race and I’m sure all would agree was the trudging through the mud. It was the equivalent of walking with 10 bags of sugar strapped to each leg and made it almost impossible to keep your trainers on.

 I believe Joe Keller (Marketing Assistant / Guarding UK) actually did manage to lose his shoes on multiple occasions. He informed me that he was on his hands and knees in two feet of mud looking for his trainers and that in turn made it even more difficult. Luckily enough he did get them back and completed the race to help the cause!

 In conclusion, it is almost guaranteed that PSS will carry on with yearly money raising events for charity and we all hope that we can get as many people involved as possible, so keep your ears to the ground.